In-house development or outsourcing? An external supplier can save you a lot of money and worries.

Every company uses numerous systems and application for their proper functioning, be it software that tracks productivity, attendance, accounting or other useful systems. You might think that the easiest option is to develop these solutions in-house – after all, it is cheaper, and there is no need to transfer know-how or explain the project specifics to anyone. The fact is that outsourcing is often a better option.

Don’t underestimate the power of perspective

Whether it is an upgrade of an existing solution or a completely new project, your in-house team might not be the best choice for the development of this solution. They might be too close to the original project or the new problem to have a fresh view. Outsourcing your development team is an efficient way to achieve the desired result for a reasonable price without being limited by your corporate practices.

A team of developers from the outside has an entirely different view of your project because they are unbiased. Thanks to that, they can come up with completely new ideas and a creative approach to your problem. Developers from outside will be able to suggest an innovative solution you wouldn’t be able to come up with on your own. Your experts will cooperate with the outsourced team, and they can transfer their know-how and experience without the project development taking away from their time and energy. They will be able to continue focusing on working for your company’s clients. 

You will get a tailored team

Whether you have a renowned company or a start-up, you will need qualified professionals to realise your project. Even though your developers have the know-how, they might not meet all the project-specific technological requirements. You don’t need to send your people to workshops because of one project or hire new developers who are familiar with these technologies.

An external supplier will provide you with a team tailored to the demands of your project with team members familiar with all the required technologies and programming languages. The members of the team are hand-picked for the job because of their experience, skills and expertise. You don’t need to worry about them learning on the job while working on your project.

Higher expertise, lower costs

When developing a solution in-house, you have to count with the expenses for hiring new people, training and workshops, software licenses and hardware. None of this applies to outsourcing. When you hire skilled developers from outside, you get professionals in whose training you don’t need to invest anymore.

Our supplier will also provide the necessary software and all other matters. You won’t have to worry about selecting the best technologies and programs or purchasing licenses.

Higher quality solution

IT companies such as QBSW have years of experience with developing solutions for clients from various market sectors. Thanks to this, they can satisfy even the most demanding clients. People are the most valuable asset; that is why IT companies invest a lot of money and effort in employee training and increasing their expertise.

To be able to succeed in a competitive environment, companies have to keep track of current IT trends and test new technologies that they later implement. Because of this, the resulting solution is likely to be better than it would be from your in-house team. As a result, your team will be able to focus on your own projects and goals.

Outsourcing the development of your project to an external supplier is not a decision to be taken lightly. Still, the right outsourcing decision can save you a lot of time, money and worries.

If you are interested in outsourcing your latest project, reach out to QBSW for quality outsourcing solution.

Peter Augustinič

Peter Augustinič

Chief Sales Marketing Officer