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It should be no surprise that modern business success hinges in large part on efficiency—the company whose process is the most streamlined, who gets work done quickly, and who can meet customers’ needs instantaneously has a competitive edge. 

You may be interested in increasing your business’ efficiency but have hesitated in making the decision to do so over the worry that effectiveness is often sacrificed in pursuit of efficiency. This may be the case for many traditional solutions, but there is a way to improve effectiveness and efficiency, helping you stand out against your competition: Innovation

Innovation allows for flawless execution and business growth in areas that your competitors have not yet entered. It is what sets your business apart from others in your industry and beyond. 


Whether you are creating a product, providing a service, or both, business innovation is the important concept of developing strategies, systems, or ideas in a way that affects your business growth

Innovation can mean creating a new management system with functionality that completely changes your company’s ability to respond to problems, thus solving production issues more quickly. It can mean creating an app that takes customer relationships to the next level, allowing your business to rely on a unique utility that your competitors don’t have. One practice, Theory U, is a change management method focused on “leading from the emerging future.” It is a systems thinking process that is used by multiple innovative and corporate endeavors and is intended to lead visionaries in creating new ideas and technology by combining “science, consciousness, and profound social change methodologies.” Learning a new form of systems thinking can help fule innovation. 

While the exact character of innovation varies by industry, its value remains constant—it opens the door for your company to become an industry leader. By pursuing unprecedented solutions, your company can be efficient and effective in areas where your competitors are slower or where they make mistakes. This is especially important if your business success relies on an efficiency edge—if your potential customers need your products quickly, your innovations are likely what will drive them to purchase from you rather than your competitors. 

How We Can Help

Pairing an increase in efficiency and effectiveness through innovation has the potential to improve your bottom line, saving you costs throughout your supply chain. Strategizing and implementing new solutions is an important way to minimize costs.

At QBSW, our developers are constantly innovating unprecedented software solutions to propel your business forward. With experience developing solutions including an app that handles all aspects of CRM and stock management and information systems that allow for millions of successful banking transactions, our team is capable of innovations that meet your efficiency needs. 

Contact us today if you would like our developers to get to work creating innovative solutions for your business!

Andrej Srna