The restrictions related to the global pandemic had widespread impact, including on your sales activities. To what extent did the pandemic affect your business?

At QBSW, we felt the effect of the coronacrisis in three main ways. First and foremost were the decisions of our customers, mostly those from abroad, that affected our ongoing projects. We scaled back some projects, while we had to cancel others altogether.

The second challenge was transferring our entire business and operations to a digital environment. In the second quarter, I had more video calls than I’ve had over the last twenty working years.

Last but not least were the unpleasant travel restrictions. Due to them, we were unable to continue our ongoing foreign expansion. The second quarter of 2020 was incredibly challenging.

How did communication with the clients change when you had to work remotely?

As an experienced technology company, we handled this situation without any problems. Thanks to our IT department and our business continuity management plan, we didn’t have any outages. All our projects continued to run to the maximum satisfaction of our clients. As I already mentioned, we communicated with clients exclusively through online tools and cooperation platforms.

What were the biggest challenges you had to face in this uneasy period?

The real challenge that we, as the management of QBSW, had to address was allocating our people to projects without affecting the company as much as possible. Unfortunately, we couldn’t avoid reorganisation and even layoffs.

Explaining our situation to our colleagues was extremely difficult. Especially since our situation kept changing from day to day.

Did you focus on domestic clients or foreign ones?

We continued to intensively communicate with both sides because we were convinced that our strategy – maintaining a strong presence on the domestic market with positive PR while expanding to foreign markets within the EU – was right. During the second quarter, we managed to acquire several new clients and projects. One of these clients was from Austria, and two new clients were local. We also managed to expand our ongoing project in Belgium. We will continue with this strategy in 2021.

How did you deal with the change in investment mood that the coronacrisis caused?

We’ve noticed that the clients guarded their budgets more closely and evaluated the value-for-money criterion in more detail. However, we are pleased about this, as we like working on meaningful projects with added value.

Did the crisis have any benefits for QBSW?

I have to admit that before the coronacrisis, everyone in the company was immersed in existing projects. We tried to supply our customers with maximum quality. This was caused by the massive growth we experienced in the last four years.

The situation that arose forced us to take a step back so we could make the right decisions for the long-term future of the company. We also had to communicate much more intensively with management to support sales and other business activities.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my colleagues and to say that we are a great team, and I appreciate and respect them very much.