QBSW solutions for financial management support ensure the functionality of processes in the sector of public finance and corporate finance management solutions. They are intended for all companies that deal with the administration and management of funds.

QBSW systems supporting financial management are divided into sector solutions for the management of public finances (preparation and management of budgets, public expenditure management, management of bank accounts, financial planning, and other areas) and solutions for corporate finance management (budgeting, monitoring of budget execution, financial planning and analysis, management IS).

Of course, all of our solutions to support financial management are compatible with international standards. They are designed as open systems, providing easy customization and integration with external systems administering the data for efficient management of public and corporate finances.

“Key modules of information system in the State Treasury promotes and develops QBSW, significantly contributes to the efficient delivery of services and performance of responsibilities in ST, in particular the cost management and government revenue in short-term and medium-term objectives of fiscal policy in Slovakia.”

RNDr. Valéria Mészárosová
Administration and Development Information System department Director – State Treasury of Slovak Republic

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