Ever since our establishment in 2000, we provide a comprehensive operations covering the entire life cycle of the information system and its parts. Our aim is also to create software solutions that cover all functionally specific customer needs, quality of them ensures efficient and trouble-free operation of information systems. We thus reach even the most demanding customers who do not comply with commonly available IT solutions and “parcel products.”

Additionally to our solutions, we provide a variety of professional services based on years of experience of our project managers, consultants, analysts and programmers.

“Application IncControl greatly simplified and made planning, management and reporting activities related to the checks of our infrastructure more transparent. It also relieved us of the paperwork and has speeded up information on deficiencies detected during inspections carried out by our staff in the field.”

Ing. Marek Budáč
Head of the department of long-distance pipelines – TRANSPETROL, a.s.

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