Project description:

We have developed an application for easy management of insurance data for insurers of the biggest and longest-running health insurance company in the Slovak Republic – the General Health Insurance Company (in Slovak: Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa – shortly VšZP).
Thanks to this app the insurer doesn’t have to bring his/her insurance card, and in case of health problems abroad, it is easy for the insurer to show the doctor his/her medical data in English. An important plus is the SOS First Aid feature, which enables the insurer to call a fast health service to the exact address.

Instead of the classical insurance card, the patient has a complete health profile not only for himself but also for his/her persons in charge. This profile also includes the history of the patients examinations and the history of prescriptions. The availability of pharmacies, closest ambulances, or appointments, including opening hours, can be searched for by an insurer easily, as well as information about medicine and extra payments to them.

There is also an overview of all the preventive medical examinations to which the insured person is entitled to claim. In order to avoid forgetting the examination, the application warns him/her that it is time to visit a doctor. The app made by QBSW provides insurers with comprehensive information about parking options in specific healthcare facilities, as well as the ability to pay for them via their credit cards.
Medication can be picked up by showing the eRecept (ePrescription) in the application. There is also the possibility to complain. Push notifications will inform the patient about the phase of reclamation.

The app can be used insurers of VšZP who use iOS or Android.