Energy supply modernised


  • Android SDK
  • CoreDate
  • AutoLayout
  • Angular 4
  • Spring 3
  • Spring Security


  • web admin panel application
  • Android

Realisation date

  • october 2015 – present



The Incident Controll application that we created for Transpetrol represents an efficient and innovative approach to long-distance pipeline operation."

Our application provides users with the option of reporting pipeline errors and incidents easily, quickly, and with the location and photo documentation directly from the mobile phone of the person in charge of the pipeline inspection. It also enables the person responsible for the quality management of the pipeline to better plan, organise, and oversee the whole process of the physical inspection of the Slovak pipeline infrastructure.

Romana Petrášová Kristiánová, analyst

Incident Control streamlines the planning and organisation of pipeline inspection and efficiently handles the communication between the manager and his subordinates.

More efficient reporting

Prior to our solution, the field personnel filled out paper forms during the inspection of the pipelines, where they recorded the incidents and deviations from the required status. TRANSPETROL contacted us to modernise this process and make it more efficient.

A brand-new system

As we didn’t have any previous experience in this industry, first we had to get to know our client’s technological and business processes. In less than a year, we designed a complex information system for our client, who has been using it for several years now.

No more paperwork

Maintenance personnel record the incidents directly into the application in real-time.

Both online and offline

The Incident Control application is easy to use and works in offline mode, too.

Fewer mistakes

Thanks to our app, the error rate decreased and the efficiency of planning work activities increased.

Quicker response

Our solution helped secure a quicker response to incidents discovered by the field workers.

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We are helping the Slovak oil company TRANSPETROL with the monitoring and maintenance of pipelines.


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