Data from the Finnish company Tieto for Swedish E.ON thanks to Slovak QBSW


  • Java
  • Spring
  • MariaDB
  • RabbitMQ


  • PrimeFaces

Realisation date

  • august 2017 – july 2018


  • Tieto

In QBSW, we took part in the development of the energy distribution system Tieto Smart Utilities."

It's a large international project composed of 12 modules that are being developed by 16 teams. From Bratislava, we cooperated with other teams that operated from Czechia, India and northern Europe.

Štefan Bednárik, team leader

In terms of technology, the project we realised for the Finnish company Tieto moves us to the field of BPMN and the potential processing of large data volumes.

A global system

The IT software and service company Tieto needed to replace the old technologies in its Smart Utilities system with new ones, as well as modernise its processes. The aforementioned system serves for processing data from smart metering devices that are used by many energy companies including the European energy giant E.ON.

Process modernisation

We participated in the development of a module that serves for managing the processes of energy companies in the field of energy distribution. While up until now these processes used to require a lot of paperwork, now they run automatically in cloud systems. All that has to be done is submit a ticket.

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We developed an information system for processing data collected from smart metering devices for the Finnish IT company Tieto.


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