Tieto OneCloud

All benefits of the cloud in a single system


  • Python
  • Rest API
  • Selenium
  • JSON


  • WMware
  • Microsoft WAP
  • Red Hat CloudForms

Realisation date

  • january 2018 – march 2019


  • Tieto

For the Finnish company Tieto, we automated the testing processes for their OneCloud product."

The testing system that QBSW designed works with a complicated infrastructure that requires integrating a number of Cloud systems from different platforms into a single functional system.

Lukáš Felis, tester

After a previous positive experience with QBSW, Tieto asked us to improve the testing processes for their OneCloud service.

Test automation

Tieto contacted us with a need for a greater degree of test automation for their product, OneCloud. The company wasn’t able to secure these activities on its own due to capacity reasons, which is why it decided to contact us based on their previous experience with our services.

Flawless processes

We have been cooperating with Tieto in the form of nearshore outsourcing on the improvement and automation of processes in regression testing. Our task is to provide Tieto with a way to fully automate these tests so that all processes run flawlessly.

Download the case study

We helped the Finnish IT company Tieto improve and automate their processes of testing their One Cloud service.


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