State Treasury

>1 355 000 000 transactions in 18 years


  • Oracle Database
  • Vertica Database
  • Oracle Application Server
  • SOAP web services – AXIS2
  • JMS
  • DVR
  • Tableau
  • Jasper Reports


  • JAVA 9
  • JEE8

Realisation date

  • october 2002 – present


  • State Treasury

The modules from QBSW are the base of the Slovakia State Treasury Information System, which is critically important for the state."

The applications that we designed and developed allow a secure and transparent account management and realisation of payments under very reasonable conditions to all the organisations connected to the state and public budget. Thanks to the centralisation of the budget revenues and expenditures, the state achieved great savings and synergic effects.

Martin Hrnko, CEO

For us as a supplier, the continuous provision of a flawless system in all its unique parameters is a great responsibility that QBSW has been successfully delivering for more than 18 years.

Fulfilled goals

The State Treasury Information System is an example of a successfully completed project that repaid its costs in two years and brought immediate savings thanks to the electronisation of the processes related to budget realisation.

The project of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic has been improving to meet changing needs and has been meeting the targets in the areas of budget realisation, expenditure, planning, optimisation of administration, and ex-ante inspection of public finances. The system also minimized the costs of government debt administration.

Cooperation and development

The project was led by DXC (formerly HP) as a system integrator. QBSW, as a subcontractor, provides the proposal, delivery, operation, and support of the core bank back-office and front-office modules.

Our integrated applications offer not only an advanced and complex specialised bank back-office but also a reliable frontend that acts as the only direct access for thousands of State Treasury clients. This modern information system is in many aspects superior to the solutions used by the largest commercial banks.

Our client

The Slovak State Treasury was established in January 2003. It represents a modern system of complex management of public finances, cash, and public debt.

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