The State Treasury Information System for the Ministry of Finance of Slovakia

The State Treasury Information System (STIS) is a project of the Ministry of Finance implemented with intentions to optimize the management of Public finances, support the objectives of financial policy of the Slovak republic, maintain public debt and liquidity at minimum cost, create secure and transparent public payments, streamline processes of design and implementation of budgets and to improve control over them.

This project was led by HP as a system integrator. QBSW as a subcontractor was in charge of supplying of STIS bank modules providing administration and management of public finances. In addition to the core modules, QBSW ensures the delivery of other services, customization, configuration, further development, consulting, maintenance, documentation and training services for many years.

The system provides safe and transparent implementation of the account management and payments under very favorable conditions to all organizations connected to the state budget and the public. By establishing direct links between the current budget and planned expenditure it is also credited with improving the implementation of appropriations and streamlining the process of the state budget.