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The certainty of seamless communication


  • Swift4
  • Java7
  • Retrofit2
  • SQLite
  • OMRLite


  • iOS
  • Android

Realisation date

  • may 2018 – present


  • Kooperativa

QBSW has created an app that simplifies our client's work and makes it more efficient."

We initially started this project for the Pojišťovna české spořitelny insurance company. Our client merged with the Kooperativa insurance company during project implementation, which resulted in the rebranding of the application. The Flexina mobile app serves as a tool for insurance sales agents, giving them access to information and their client's accounts.

Adriana Libošvárová, analyst

With the help of Flexina, the insurance company can effectively communicate with all of its partners.

A practical helper for insurance sales agents

We created this app for the insurance sales agents that cooperate with the company’s clients. The app is both an organizational aid and a coordination tool. It streamlines the work of sales agents and simplifies their access to information.

Easy access to information

Through this application, the sales agents have access to the knowledge database of the insurance company, as well as the current info about its products and services. The app also provides client account management.

Access to database

The sales agents can look up the information they need anytime.

Improved workflow

Thanks to the continuous access to information, the sales agents can better focus on their work.


Our app notifies the sales agents when it’s time to update a client’s contract.

Client management

The agents can check the state of their client’s contracts, damage events, or their payment history in the app.

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For the Pojišťovna České spořitelny insurance company, we created an app that streamlines the work of insurance sales agents and simplifies their access to the information they need.


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