Map you are a part of

The company behind Plaze, E-P Rail, reached out to us with the idea for a location data platform. The app would help users discover and find out more about a city they are visiting.

Plaze was a real challenge for our whole team.

During the app's development, the client changed the course of the app. We had to work smart to incorporate the client's demands while building on the original solution and respecting its principles.

Marcel Marko, project manager

Expectations & Challenges

Map you are a part of

Plaze combines the features of a map and a social network, where users can share recommendations in real-time and rate the places they have visited. This means it has to be able to work on thousands of different mobile devices with various operating systems.

Make friends in a new city

Plaze’s in-app chat helps you meet new people that can show you around the city. Users nowadays expect the chat to hold up to certain standards, which is why we had to make sure that our technology stack included encryption and a scalable database solution.

State-of-the-art technologies

Want to ask for recommendations on the go, or make sure you avoid problematic places? We used the latest technologies for Plaze to be able to manage many different operations at the same time. This includes tracking your movement, giving accurate information quickly, or handling a lot of traffic.

How we did it

The tech stack

To meet the customer requirements and make sure Plaze is able to function reliably, we used the following technologies

And action!

With Plaze, we used the Waterfall methodology. This is a linear approach to software development, which means that a new phase of the process can only begin once the previous phase is complete.


Meeting with the customer to analyse their requirements and establish the functionalities


Writing a functional specification document that defines what the app should do


The customer approves the document which then serves as the assignment for our developers


The UX designer builds a wireframe


Developers implement the functionalities established in the specification


Our QA team tests the application and resolves the potential issues


The customer tests and accepts the application


Deployment of the app and post-implementation support

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