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  • Android SDK
  • Gson
  • Retrofit
  • Spring 3
  • Spring Security
  • JPA 2.0
  • Hibernate


  • web admin panel application
  • Android

Realisation date

  • may 2015 – march 2016


  • Galéria Nedbalka

A progressive application that uses a technology based on augmented reality."

This specialised tablet application for the Galéria Nedbalka gallery in Bratislava presents its visitors with information about the paintings and artworks in the gallery. The solution works as an interactive browser.

Marcel Marko, project manager

All the visitor has to do is focus the tablet’s camera on a specific painting, and the image recognition technology will take care of the rest.

A guide to Slovak modern art

The Galéria Nedbalka app is a virtual guide for the visitors of the Nedbalka art gallery. When starting the tour, the visitor will get a tablet that recognizes the artworks in the gallery and provides visitors with information about them.

Augmented reality technology

The app uses a technology based on augmented reality (AR) that provides its users with a unique multimedia experience. It also offers interactive elements such as knowledge quizzes and puzzles based on paintings.

A specialised application

The virtual guide app can only be found on the gallery’s tablets.

Augmented reality

The app uses a progressive technology based on augmented reality.

Gallery guide

Our app is very popular with the visitors to the Nedbalka gallery.

Knowledge quiz

Fun functionalities such as quizzes and puzzles are a part of the app.

Our client

The Nedbalka gallery promotes the enjoyment of Slovak artists from the late nineteenth century through today who participated in the creation of our cultural heritage.

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