Galéria Hotela Lomnica

The history of Slovak art in your pocket


  • Android SDK
  • Gson
  • Retrofit
  • Angular
  • PostgreSQL
  • JPA


  • web
  • iOS
  • Android

Realisation date

  • december 2016 – may 2017


Galéria Lomnica

The legendary hotel in the High Tatras is back, this time with a mobile app."

Part of the Lomnica Hotel is a gallery where you'll find paintings from artists such as Ján Hala, Martin Benka, Ladislav Mednyanszky, or Milan Laluha. The app is an interactive guide that will provide you with information about any painting after taking a photo of the QR code that you'll find under each of them.

Marcel Marko, project manager

The app also has educational games such as puzzles or quizzes for the little ones.

History of Slovakia on canvas

We created a mobile app that serves as a gallery guide for the visitors of Hotel Lomnica and its art gallery. The gallery contains more than 500 paintings from the era of Austria-Hungary and the First Czechoslovak Republic, as well interwar and post-war modernist works, mostly from Slovak artists.

Interactive gallery guide

The app provides gallery visitors with detailed information about individual paintings and their creators. After scanning the QR code of a specific painting, the visitor can look up information about works of art based on their creator, style, or the placement of paintings in the hotel.

Personal guide

Every visitor can find information about specific paintings with the help of their phone.

For both smartphone and tablet

You can borrow a tablet with the preinstalled app in the hotel or download the app to your phone.

Detailed information

Thanks to our app, you can learn more about the paintings or artists you are interested in.

Educative games

The app has an added value in the form of free educational games.

Download the app

Our app will guide you through the gallery of Hotel Lomnica, which contains hundreds of paintings from Slovak artists from various eras.

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