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  • RESTFul Web Services
  • JPA
  • Hibernate
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Spring
  • Apache Camel
  • PostgreSQL


  • WildFly
  • ServiceMix
  • Karaf

Realisation date

  • august 2018 – present


  • Lampiris

Market Integration Guide (MIG6) is a project for the Belgian company Lampiris, that's one of the largest green energy suppliers in Belgium."

MIG 6 provides communication between Lampiris and the rest of the energy market participants such as energy producers, suppliers and end consumers.

Norbert Kuzma, team leader

Thanks to our help, standardisation on the Belgian energy market allowed for the simplification and automation of client onboarding and winning clients away from the competition.

Simplifying communication

We offer backend software development services for the Belgian independent natural gas and green energy supplier Lampiris, that is owned by the energy giant Total. Our solution provides communication between the energy company and the sellers on the Belgian energy market.

A specialised team

For our customer, we created an independent implementation team that cooperates with the agile teams and colleagues from Lampiris. While working on the MIG6 project, we’ve been working with many technologies, such as Spring, GWT, ServiceMix, Camunda (BPM tool), Docker and JBoss Ansible.

Our client

Lampiris is a Belgian energy provider established in 2003 that offers energy from renewable sources. In 2016, Lampiris became a part of the multinational energy company Total.

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