The Financial Management Information System

The Financial Management Information System (FMIS) is an information system for management of public finances. This is a successfully implemented project that we worked on with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia (RS), the European Agency for Reconstruction and HP as the prime contractor. The project meets the objectives of optimizing the management of public finances, supporting the goals of financial policy of RS and minimizing the costs that cover the state debt. FMIS provides unification and streamline financial flows of the state and expenses of individual organizations.

We delivered for FMIS and we further maintain and continue to support the applications and the modules. They are designed to manage the revenue-expenditure cycle (QBSW Expenditure Execution) and the cash-management system (QBSW Treasury Management). QBSW modules provide comprehensive functionality to support the management of revenue and expenditures of the state – from planning through a digital signature to receiving multilevel types of approval of the final execution of payment transactions. The module provides a number of functions for various types of users.