Document management revolutionised


  • Java
  • PostgreSQL
  • OCR Abbyy
  • Wicket


  • web
  • iOS
  • Android

Realisation date

  • october 2015 – present


  • DOCKitIN

This remarkable project for DOCKitIN takes a very dynamic approach to incorporate new demands in the shortest time possible."

Gradually, we were able to create a tool for efficient document processing and management, which saves DOCKitIN's clients time, space, and trouble with their documents.

Vladimír Morávek, project manager

The aim of DOCKitIN is to help people save time, space, and trouble with their documents. Knowing that their documents are taken care of, they can fully focus on their own activities.

No more paper

DOCKitIN simplifies and streamlines document management by digitizing paper documents. We created a solution that enables people to have their documents with them at all times without having to carry around physical paper.

Your documents are always with you

Our solution for DOCKitIN includes both a web and a mobile application. The web app will help you manage your documents, and thanks to the mobile app, you will always have them at your disposal.

Simple management

You can sort your documents into categories or add notes to them.

Quick adding

Add documents directly from your device.

Simple search

You won´t have a problem finding any document or information in our app.

Safe storage

Our apps are subjected to regular security audits.

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Get rid of paperwork and have your documents with you at all times thanks to our app.

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