Revolutionizing the entertainment industry

This revolutionary project aims to transform talent scouting. The idea was created by music producer and Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent judge Jaroslav Slávik. We were excited to help Jaroslav’s startup realize his vision.

Jaro Slávik has 20+ years of experience in show business and is a long-time GOT TALENT judge.

When I came up with the idea for BooYang, I had the project completely thought-out from the business side.

However, I knew that I would need a reliable business partner to help my team with the technical side. I needed to make sure that our app would be a revolutionary entertainment platform that democratises the creative industry.

QBSW, with their innovative and hands‐on approach, is exactly the partner that I needed. I believe that together with the people from our start‐up, we created a dream team that will open the doors to success for many new talents.

Jaroslav Slávik, CEO, GSC World

Expectations & Challenges

The next big thing in talent scouting

GSC World envisioned a unique social network that would enable talented artists from all around the world to fulfil their dreams. The app’s infrastructure would have to be robust enough to handle a large amount of data and huge traffic spikes.

Modern app design

With a goal no smaller than conquering the world, it was clear that the app needed to be highly functional, easy to use, and good looking. We took up the challenge and succeeded in creating an attractive app for an extremely demanding audience.

Flawless video management

From amazing musical performances to cat videos, hundreds of clips are uploaded to BooYang every day. That’s why we have to ensure that all video features – such as uploading, streaming and conversion – function flawlessly.

How we did it

The tech stack

Based on the customer requirements and our years of experience, we selected the following technologies for the project:

And action!

While working on BooYang, we used Scrum, a proven agile software development method that consists of sprints. During this process, the customer worked closely with our experienced team.


Meeting with GSC World to outline the project idea


Discussing the client’s needs and project schedule


Brainstorming with the client and establishing the features

Working in sprints

In the case of BooYang, each sprint started with a client request and ended with the deployment of client-approved functionalities.


Sprint start
GSC World requests a specific feature


Our analysts translate the request into a clear user story


The UX designer builds a wireframe


Sprint end
We present our design to the client

Testing to maximize quality

We prepared a range of designs that GSC World could choose from. Once they made their decision, we started implementing it. Once we implemented the feature, a new sprint began.


Implementing the functionalities for iOS, Android and web


Manual, automated and performance testing by our QA team


Final testing and approval by the customer

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