Bebe Hair

An app based on the latest style


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Angular JS
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • MicroServices
  • PostgreSQL
  • JPA


  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android

Realisation date

  • march 2017 – may 2018


  • Bebe Hair beauty salon chain

The app for Bebe Hair looked like a simple and short project in the beginning. However, with the customer's growing demands, the proposed solution became a complex information system."

This system includes several independent micro-modules that are responsible for bookings, customers, employees, attendance, as well as warehouse management, sales, reporting, and a loyalty programme.

Romana Petrášová Kristiánová, analyst

We created a product that covers 100 % of our customer’s processes and enables them to manage their business more efficiently.

A versatile information system

For the beauty salon chain Bebe Hair, we designed a solution that serves as an extended CRM system with warehouse management functionality. This solution covers everything from booking appointments for customers to a loyalty programme to warehouse management.

Innovative microservice technology

For this solution, we decided to use microservice technology where individual services act as standalone programmes that communicate with each other using an API. This helped us satisfy all of our client´s needs.

Loyalty programme

No unnecessary cards – everything you need is in your phone.

Fast booking

Customers can book an appointment directly through the app.

Immediate overview

Employees can immediately see when a customer books an appointment.

Everything in one place

The system is interconnected and the salon can bill the customers based on their order.

Download the case study

Our information system for Bebe Hair includes a mobile app, as well as an efficient system for warehouse management.


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