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It’s logical that companies now have to be very flexible in order to maintain themselves in a dynamic business environment. Outsourcing is one of the most noticeable expressions of such flexibility and it is increasingly being talked about in Slovakia.

Few projects, new horizons

There is little implementation of state administration projects, despite the large amount of funding available from the European Union. So, most software companies in Slovakia are intensely looking for opportunities in the private sphere, especially abroad.

For companies that need a service or product as quickly as possible, IT outsourcing in Slovakia is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get enough qualified professionals for their IT projects. Outsourcing is an efficient resource allocation, where both companies benefit from mutual relationships.

Proximity in every respect

At QBSW we have a number of foreign clients, so I can speak from my own experience. The motivation of foreign companies to transfer their business to Slovakia is a combination of several factors. Clients today decide not only according to the price, but also according to the quality of the team, the specific people working on the project and the way they communicate with each other. They also assess how well the company with whom they choose to collaborate has established standards for project management, communication, and employee education. Well, then, of course, it is also about the corporate culture that dominates the company.

European clients like to work with us because of our regional proximity, making personal contact much easier. Thanks to Slovakia’s membership in the European Union, businesses have an additional legislative advantage.

This is actually the principle of nearshore outsourcing. Time, legislative, and also cultural proximity. By nearshoring the client will solve the problem relatively quickly, and given the varying costs of working in different European countries, the client can outsource IT professionals for very little money, on its own terms. Whenever a meeting requires personal contact, it is not a problem for the client to come visit in person and jet lag is never a threat. Moreover, when the client is at work, his/her outsourcing team works too, and even acute requirements can be addressed quickly.

Do not underestimate yourself

As a company, you do not have to be a big player on the market – it’s enough to have skilled professionals. I would say that these are the limits: until you have a hundred employees you are still a relatively small player, but get over a thousand of employees and you are already a multinational corporation. By profiling between these two poles, outsourcing IT companies can maintain flexibility while being large enough to handle a broad range of assignments. Foreign clients face a great deal of pressure regarding efficiency and, naturally, on the quality of the delivered services. Of course, agility and work with modern technologies are taken into account.

If a company decides to provide its outsourcing services, it will not only bring financial gains or a plus point in the portfolio. It is necessary to realise, especially in smaller companies with fewer orders yet completed, that their cooperation on diverse projects brings experience. And, in particular, such cooperation is an opportunity for business. The opportunity to engage in new technologies, new domains, language training … there is so much for a company to gain from outsourcing cooperation and re-engaging in other projects.

Martin Hrnko

Chief Executive Officer