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In QBSW, we develop modern mobile and web applications that optimise the mobility and business processes of our clients.

Mobile & Enterprise

In addition to mobile applications sold or provided on mobile platform markets, we also implement solutions for commercial customers within the Mobile & Enterprise segment. These IT solutions are business applications that extend company systems to mobile platforms.

Combined with a web solution, these applications can easily synchronise data via an Internet connection. They are also capable of improving business or decision process efficiency not just at business companies, but also government administration institutions.

Mobility and access to information

Mobility seems to be one of the key priorities for business growth. Likewise, efficiency, work productivity and motivation force IT departments to connect laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices to company applications and data. Mobile access to company information sources allows fast and customised access to the customer. 

Mobile solutions display information adapted to specific user roles. This allows displaying information adapted to a manager’s, a businessman’s, a financier’s or an IT specialist’s perspective.

In terms of architecture, business mobility is affected by infrastructure, applications and implemented processes. Solutions typically use existing back-end infrastructure and resources. They usually consist of middleware integrating several heterogeneous customer systems. They include tools for managing access, identities and tools for enforcing security for specific types of devices or specific mobile device owners, and applications which interpret the desired information for various target groups in various ways.