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Nearshore outsourcing has been enjoying growing popularity in recent years in connection with the effort of companies to focus only on those activities which are a source of profit. This effort is coupled with a tendency to delegate some of the company processes to other companies. These companies can perform them with better quality, more efficiently and hence more cheaply.

Our nearshore outsourcing services include software (and possibly hardware) lease with guaranteed regular upgrades. Comprehensive servicing in the system and application fields (repairs of software, operating systems, integration and user applications) and the field of technology (hardware servicing and hardware repairs) are also a part of them.

Outsourcing can also apply to the individual components of a customer’s information system. This includes selective system administration using remote access from a supervision centre, securing the local network with a firewall (a system for protection against an outside system attack) and so on.

In addition to delivering comprehensive software solutions and IS, we also offer a wide range of professional advisory and consulting services. Our services ensure better process adaptation in companies from various market segments and help optimise their strategic decisions. Thanks to them, companies can harmonise their business needs and strategies with the business environment.

Our outsourcing services enable our customers to focus on their main business area. Their information systems are meanwhile being taken care of by a team of qualified IT experts.

Our specialists can take responsibility for any application. Be it a standard package or a custom solution developed by a different entity. This way of ensuring functionality allows companies to better manage their expenditures on IT and also reduce them.

Main advantages of nearshore outsourcing in our country


The heart of Europe, part of the European Union. In our case, closeness isn’t just geographical, but also legislative. The legislative conditions in European countries do of course differ in some respects. However, there is a far greater chance that your business’ legislation will be better understood by us than by a company from the other side of the world.


Cultural closeness between your country and the country where you are arranging your outsourcing is, as with legislative closeness, very important for your business. In terms of nearshore outsourcing, cultural closeness and similarity enables you to significantly reduce the risk of both the basic and more complex processes being misunderstood.


Your physical personal presence is sometimes inevitable. It is again best if you don’t have to go far. Whether it’s avoiding a time difference, which may cause jet lag, or the time you save with nearshore outsourcing, you spend the minimum of time.


When you are at work, your nearshore outsourcing team is also at work. If you need to deal with something urgently, you will solve the problem sooner with people who are in your time zone than in a situation where you also need to deal with a time difference. You need your colleagues to be active at work instead of disturbing them during their family dinner.


It goes without saying that you can easily communicate with us in both English and German. With us, you can rest assured that communication will be professional and prompt. There is virtually no risk of communication problems.

Competing for quality and talented experts in your domestic market can undermine your company’s long-term strategic vision. With QBSW, you can be assured of qualified experts with experience and market knowledge, willing to give their best for every project.