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Did you know that more than 70% of Slovaks connect to the Internet via their smartphone? It’s no surprise, as we always have our smartphones on us. How many times did you need to get something done quickly and then realized that the quickest way to do it would be on your phone? We use mobile apps to do almost everything – pay bills, meet new people, shop, order food or hail a ride.

Nowadays, having a responsive website that displays correctly on every device is a must. However, websites don’t solve everything. If you often communicate with your customers, want to increase their loyalty, or offer a product or a service that your clients regularly order, a mobile app can help you make your work a lot more efficient.

Are you still wondering if it is worth investing in the development of a mobile app? Read on to learn about all its benefits.


Mobile apps are faster than mobile webs because they are built for a specific operating system. Unlike websites, mobile apps store data directly on the phone, which means it is instantly available. Sites use servers, so their response time is longer.


Using an app is much more convenient than searching within a website. With a website, the user first needs to open a browser, then enter the address, wait for the site to load and then find what they need. With an app, all the user has to do is open it. Thanks to the clear interface, they will find what they need in no time.

More functionalities than a website

Mobile apps can utilize the various features of a smartphone such as the camera, GPS, compass, gyroscope and gestures, which can save the user much time. For example, ride-hailing applications that use GPS on your phone can send you the driver that is closest to you at the moment, so you don’t have to wait long.

Works offline

One of the most significant benefits of mobile apps is that unlike websites, they can work offline. Some apps might need to be connected to the Internet to make use of all of their functionalities. However, many can work offline thanks to storing data directly on the smartphone.

Greater proximity to customers

With the help of a mobile app, you can build closer relationships with your customers. Users can set their preferences in the app, resulting in a personalized experience. Part of this experience are push notifications that let you stay in touch with the users at all times. They also enable you to send users discount coupons, attractive offers, and tailor-made reminders.

Brand building

Users spend a lot of time on their phones, which means that apps and their icons are visible to them even when they aren’t using them. As people use their smartphones every day, your app’s icon can serve as an ad that increases brand awareness. With the help of the app and targeted campaigns, you can reach a whole new group of customers who didn’t know about your company up until now, and get valuable user feedback.

Data collection

By storing user preferences, apps can save users time and also provide you with valuable analytics data. Thanks to it you can see, for example, how much time users spend on your app, or which features are the most and least popular. You can also get the location or demographic data of your customers. This information will help you understand your audience better and improve your services.

Competitive advantage

Most companies already have a website, but not all of them have a mobile app. An app can help you differentiate your company from its competition and make your services more accessible to users. It will also help you strengthen your position on the market and show customers that you are moving with the times.

A potential source of income

You don’t need to sell any product for your app to become a source of profit. You can earn money from in-app ads, affiliate programs, additional paid services or subscriptions. A good example of this would be music streaming services that offer a free version with ads. However, if you pay for a premium subscription, you will get rid of the ads.

Business processes optimization

Applications that help you sell your services or products will save you paperwork and help automate business processes. However, apps for internal use within the company can also prove very useful. With their help, you can improve communication among employees, simplify time tracking and streamline other company processes.

With years of experience in mobile app development, we are ready to help you succeed in this area. Get in touch, and together we will realize your vision.

Andrej Srna