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Let’s drop the clichés about
young and dynamic teams

At QBSW, you will be joining a team where you will simply feel good. You won't see Monday as evil, and instead of awkward small talk, you will have proper conversations with your colleagues.

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Your career in QBSW

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3 reasons to work with us


A team where you will feel good

We don’t leave room for pointless bureaucracy and we don’t make a big deal out of trivial things. If you need something for your work, you will get it as soon as possible. If you see room for improvement, speak up. It’s normal to share new ideas here, and there’s room and willingness for them. Yes, even from the management.


Your work will be meaningful

Our work at QBSW is meaningful, and you see its results. Our motto is quality, and our priority is to deliver high-quality outputs that we can be proud of. We try to find the most suitable technology for every single project, and our solutions meet global standards in terms of both technology and security.


invest in you

QBSW employees, with their skills, knowledge and experience, are its biggest asset. But people, the company, and technologies evolve, and we don’t want to stagnate. So if you see an opportunity and want to learn new things, we are happy to give you room and resources. We will reimburse you for specialist literature, online courses, and certificates.

People matter. At QBSW, we know that companies are created by people. That is why we put a big emphasis on friendly atmosphere and good relationships. For us, the welfare of employees is just as important as the quality of our outputs."

Imelda Sýkorová, HR specialist

We look after you

We try to function so that working at QBSW alone is a benefit,
but we have something extra too.

You will gain skills

If you want to speak English, German or Russian fluently, we will be glad to support you. Courses and training are a given. We will reimburse you for the cost of your certificate and you can also develop knowledge in the company library. We can also support you non-financially by patting you on the shoulder or with a sympathetic nod.

You will earn

Money isn’t everything, but we know that it won’t offend you. Be smart and you can add some decent euros to your basic salary thanks to various bonuses, such as project bonuses or special bonuses for above-standard performances from your teamleader.

You will enjoy it

There is a coffee machine, tea, and mineral water on every floor. Your lunch that costs €5,10 is fully covered by QBSW. You will get a contribution towards your wedding or when your child is born. In addition, you can also get discounts at the hairdresser, or when you wash or park your car, or change your tires. If you stay with us for several years, we will be glad to reward you. Or would you appreciate it more if you got a few extra days off? You will get both.

You will stay healthy

Get vaccinated against the flu, have medical check-ups that go beyond what the law requires, and look after your eyesight. You only have one life, and we understand that. If you stay with us for ten years, the company will provide you with a free Business Care health care programme. We also organise health days and massage at the workplace. We provide a hydration regime, and your mental health will be taken care of by our great team.

You won‘t need to relocate

You don’t have to relocate to the capital to find a good job, as we are gradually opening new branches all over the country. In addition to our headquarters in Bratislava, we also have branches in Banská Bystrica, Žilina, and Nitra. If you decide to join us, you can choose the closest branch and avoid having to relocate or commute to work.

You will get to do sports

With a Multisport card you can boost your fitness or enjoy visiting a wellness centre. If this isn’t enough, there is also sauna, swimming pool, gym, football and tennis available to you. Table football is in the kitchen. Still too little? Go for a run with the QBSW running team. Team building events and parties could be a separate chapter, but we thought not everything needed to be in the public eye.

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