Almost half of the world’s population cannot imagine their life without a smartphone. In addition to making phone calls, we also use our phones to manage our time, shop, pay bills, take photos, study, and many other things. Many mobile apps promise to save our time. But are they really time savers?

Are smartphones time savers or time wasters?

Smartphones and mobile apps make our lives easier in many ways. They make it easier for us to work when we are out of the office (for example, during business trips) by saving us from needing unnecessary paperwork. If necessary, they can also replace computers to a great extent. They also help us organize our time and keep track of our responsibilities and appointments without carrying around diaries and organizers.

Thanks to smartphones, we can spend the time that would otherwise be wasted (for example, time spent commuting to work) productively. We can read, listen to podcasts, learn or respond to our emails.

Since there is an app for everything nowadays, we don’t have to carry maps, books, cameras, or video cameras on trips and vacations. Thanks to mobile apps, all these things now fit into our pockets. We can now do things that would otherwise take up a lot of our time with just a few clicks.

During the pandemic, apps not only save us time but also help reduce mobility. We can arrange many things such as shopping, banking, business meetings without a personal visit via mobile apps. Thanks to applications such as Zoom, Skype, or various chat apps, we can also meet with our friends without endangering anyone.

Phone with mobile appsHowever, apps can also be huge time wasters.

Users spend the most time on social networks and chat platforms such as WhatsApp or Messenger. We spend the time that we would otherwise spend doing our hobbies with useless scrolling and comparing ourselves to others. 

Constant notifications also distract us when we are with our friends, and due to the urge to look at them and immediately respond to messages, we cannot pay full attention to what we are doing. If we keep looking at our phones during conversations and hanging out with friends, it might seem that we are not interested in what they are saying at all. 

Smartphones are becoming increasingly widespread. With their growing popularity, we are starting to realize how addictive some mobile apps can be. At the same time, there are many applications that can save us time and make our lives easier. It is up to us which ones we choose.

Developing a mobile application is a decision that companies have to think through very carefully. At QBSW, we will be happy to help you, answer all your questions, and let you know about the potential issues you might face based on our experience. Contact us, and together we will make sure your app isn’t just one in a million.

Peter Augustinič

Peter Augustinič

Chief Sales Marketing Officer