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We are Quality Business Software
We are QBSW

We have been developing innovative IT applications and comprehensive information systems for numerous market segments since 2000. All QBSW-branded services and products reflect our focus on quality and are created by experienced professionals.

Our services


Years in the market





In our over 21 years on the market, we have delivered numerous innovative IT products and services for the most discerning customers. We are high quality, fast, reliable, and discreet.”

Martin Hrnko, CEO

Company profile

QBSW has over 90 experts who are ready to tackle any issue and create an application for any client.

Added value

We use our extensive knowledge and experience to successfully implement any custom software project.


The strength of our brand lies in our deep know-how for creating software solutions and our customer-orientated approach.


We offer three main products, which include comprehensive solutions in the analysis, design, creation, and integration of information systems.

Software development. Anything for anyone – according to our clients’ specific requirements.

Comprehensive service portfolio

At QBSW, we develop comprehensive information systems and components, solutions for financial management, and personalised web and mobile apps. We also provide management services for IT projects, nearshore outsourcing, and expert consulting.

Solutions that satisfy the highest expectations

We have successfully delivered numerous IT projects in our 20 years on the market. Our IT solutions deliver added value and satisfy the most discerning customers – who, thanks to us, can concentrate on developing their companies.

Company history


More than 160 employees across all branches


More than 160 employees across all branches


International projects with the companies Tieto and Ferratum Group, as well as Lampiris


First regional branch of QBSW opens in Banská Bystrica


QBSW expands to 100 employees


Annual turnover exceeds EUR 10 000 000


Major international project for Serbia's State Treasury


Large IS project for Slovakia’s State Treasury


jGlobal release of first commercial app


QBSW launches with just three employees

We use the latest technologies

Our team of software engineers is always flexible to meet your needs. Here are some of the technologies we use:

Social responsibility

We believe that social responsibility is an inherent voluntary commitment. A key part of our activities is supporting IT education and projects that assist young people to improve their IT skills. QBSW adheres to a policy of equal opportunity, and we assure absolute non-discrimination against any groups of current or potential employees.

We support employees’ personal growth and education, as well as sports activities and a healthy lifestyle. We respect ethical business practises, fair approaches to customers, and a transparent, competitive environment. We are also environmentally aware and implement principles of environmental protection, such as minimising waste through our respective environmental policy.

Code of Ethics

Download Code of Ethics as PDF

Integrated management system

We have implemented and maintain an integrated management system (IMS) in accordance with international standards.

ISO 9001 - Quality management

By introducing a quality management system, QBSW has committed itself to providing services that comply with customer requirements while also taking account of other relevant rules and regulations. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, which we support with an effective continuous improvement process.


ISO 10006 - Quality management in projects

QBSW applies quality management for our projects. All the planning, organisation, monitoring, management, informing, and (where appropriate) the adoption of corrective steps are conducted in accordance with this standard to achieve project objectives.


ISO 14001 - Environmental management

Based on this standard, we have identified and regulated the impact of our company’s activities on the environment, mapped the relevant environmental impact, and implemented rules for waste disposal and communication with the competent supervisory bodies and authorities.


ISO 20000-1 - Management of IT services

As service providers, QBSW uses this standard to set requirements for planning, establishing, implementing, operation, monitoring, evaluation, and improvement. These standards determine the procedures for introducing new – as well as amending existing – IT services, including procedures for managing configurations, changes, releases, and deployments.


ISO 27001 - Information security management

We have based the implementation of information security management on requirements for its creation, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement as per this standard. Risks associated with information security are constantly assessed and appropriate responses are prepared.


ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety management system

According to this standard, we have implemented processes for creating and maintaining safe working conditions in the workplace, as well as processes focused on health protection.


The IMS impacts all QBSW management areas, including its Slovak and Czech branches. It is embedded in all relevant internal documents, the most important of which the IMS Handbook and IMS Policy. It is also integrated into all the projects and operating directives that QBSW manages.

QBSW holds a Confirmation of Industrial Security issued by the National Security Office for the disclosure of classified information (Secret) and the assignment and creation of classified information (Confidential).

The company is registered in the List of Economic Operators maintained with the Public Procurement Authority of the Slovak Republic, nr. 2020/5-PO-E4982.

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