Software development is our company’s strongest suit. We cover all activities associated with it – from detailed analysis of customer requirements, through consulting on solution variants, development and design of technological architecture, technology and development tools, to testing, documentation, implementation, training and support when resolving operational problems.

Beneficial and innovative solutions

The ability to design useful and innovative solutions to support customers’ specific needs is attained through the high level of the development teams’ IT expertise. And last but not the least thanks to the fact that we possess professional competence for commercial entities (banks, insurance companies), healthcare facilities and public administration.

In its broadest sense, custom software development may include not just software needed to implement a customer’s main area of activity, but essentially a comprehensive solution for his IT infrastructure. This trend of optimising a company’s internal operation in terms of all implemented processes is followed by an ever greater number of companies. Only a company that maximises its use of its own resources directed at customers can achieve excellent results in terms of long-term profitability and lasting growth.

Since our establishment in 2000, we have performed activities which comprehensively cover the entire information system life cycle, including the system’s parts. Our goal is to create software solutions that functionally cover all specific customer needs, at a quality level that ensures efficient and problem-free operation of the information system. We can therefore attract the most demanding customers for whom commonly available IT solutions and ‘package products’ are not suitable. We offer various software solutions ranging from DWH/BI applications, through SW solutions for small and medium-sized business, to robust information systems designed to optimise government administration activities. Solutions are accompanied by a host of professional services based on many years of experience possessed by our project managers, consultants, analysts, programmers and testers.

Solutions can also be operated in the cloud environment and can be extended with mobile access.


Business automation consists of analysing, processing, documenting and optimising specific (not only) business tasks and activities. A well-designed and efficient business process will create a link from the customer, through inputs by the entities involved, to the final service or product. Automation of business processes improves the accuracy of information needed to process partial tasks. It also speeds up and confirms all actions directed at the customer. In terms of architecture, these are technologies covering input digitalisation and processing, infrastructure for applications, data and document storage and deployment of tools for content and work flow management. Likewise, deploying a portal to support sales or customer relations may also be a result. Solutions may also be operated in a cloud environment and may be extended to include mobile access.


QBSW finance management solutions ensure the functioning of processes in the public finance management sector and in business finance management sector. They are intended for all companies dealing with administration and management of financial resources. QBSW finance management systems are divided by sector into two types. First there are solutions for public finance management (preparation and management of budgets, public expenditure management, administration of bank accounts, financial planning and other fields). The second type is business finance management solutions (creation of budgets, monitoring budget spending, financial planning and analyses, management IS). It goes without saying that all our finance management support solutions are compatible with international standards. They are designed as open systems. Theyprovide adaptation and integration with external systems administering data for efficient public or business finance management.


Peter Augustinič

Peter Augustinič

Chief Sales Marketing Officer

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