For us, developing quality software isn’t a science

We are Quality Business Software, a leading Slovak software
company that specialises in developing personalised IT applications.

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Years in the market





In our over 20 years on the market, we have delivered numerous innovative IT products and services for the most discerning customers. We are high quality, fast, reliable, and discreet.”

Martin Hrnko, CEO

Company profile

QBSW has focused on the development and delivery of software solutions for various market sectors since 2000. We develop innovative IT apps as well as comprehensive informative systems for banking, insurance, telecom, construction and industry – for companies of all sizes in both the private and public sector.

Mobile and web apps

At QBSW we develop the latest mobile and web apps that optimise our clients’ business processes.


Personalised software solutions

We prioritise our customer’s requirements – that’s why we create software that offers maximum use and simplicity while also providing absolute security.


Nearshore software outsourcing

We provide clients with all the advantages of nearshore outsourcing, providing greater efficiency and financial advantages for European companies.


We use the latest technology

Our team of software engineers is always able to meet your needs. Here are some of the technologies we use:



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