Software solutions development

We provide comprehensive activities covering whole life cycle development of information system as well as its parts. Our goal is to create quality software solutions which cover specific needs of customers and ensure effective operation without problems.

IS deliveries for finance management

QBSW software solutions supporting finance management provide process operations in sector of public finance management and solutions for corporate finance in the way that data is processed and delivered to user in on-line mode.

Mobile and web applications development

We develop modern mobile and web applications, which optimize business process of our clients. Besides applications sold or provided on mobile platform market, we also implement solutions for commercial customers within Mobile & Enterprise segment.

IT consulting & outsourcing

We deliver not only comprehensive information systems and software solutions. We also provide professional, advisory and consultancy services in the field of informational and communicational technologies. Services of QBSW outsourcing enable customers to focus on their main field of entrepreneurship.


We have some amount of quality IT projects. We are thrilled and it entertains us to provide modern and innovative IT solutions that bring relevant added value to our customers.



City Monitor + Google Glass = CityGlass


City monitor + Google glass = CityGlass
In more than 30 cities and towns in Slovakia, Czech Republic or even in Argentina City Monitor provides residents the ability to send messages to its government. So far, only through mobile phone. From now on also through the Google Glass over CityGlass unique application which extends the usefulness of solutions for wearable devices.


Successful implementation of SEPA rules


In preparation for the State Treasury Information System of the Slovak Republic to join the SEPA area, we chose a comprehensive approach, allowing us nothing, as to the payments under SEPA to surprise us. Whether its receipts or payments, we have not had to make any compromises and create a complete and robust system based on the SEPA rules.

Crosswords is our most downloaded application


Crosswords in the newspapers always had many fans. However, to solve our mobile crosswords puzzles, you’ll never need glasses. They are available for all tablet platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and they are long among our Fantastic mobile applications. From their deployment in January 2013 QBSW Crosswords found more than 20,000 fans on the Slovak and Czech mobile market.

Career Opportunities

Primarily we are interested in people with IT background.

If you think you might be beneficial for us, please send us your CV.



Client reference

Key modules of information system in the State Treasury promotes and develops QBSW, significantly contributes to the efficient delivery of services and performance of responsibilities in ST, in particular the cost management and government revenue in short-term and medium-term objectives of fiscal policy in Slovakia.

RNDr. Valéria Mészárosová
Administration and Development Information System department Director – State Treasury of Slovak Republic

mConstruction Manager will allow us to better and more effectively manage the construction process and monitor the movement of individual construction managers. It has the potential to become a useful tool for documenting tasks in the field, which means the mobile application will send electronic data without the need for additional paperwork.

Ing. Martin Naď
special project manager – VÁHOSTAV – SK, a.s.

Application IncControl greatly simplified and made planning, management and reporting activities related to the checks of our infrastructure more transparent. It also relieved us of the paperwork and has speeded up information on deficiencies detected during inspections carried out by our staff in the field.

Ing. Marek Budáč
Head of the department of long-distance pipelines – TRANSPETROL, a.s.